Exploit the opportunities found
where art, culture, digital technologies
and industry intersect.
We are a Milan-based team with twenty years experience of working with entrepreneurs and business leaders in Italy, and other countries.
Art, cultural heritage and intellectual capital are valuable assets that can be further appreciated and enhanced through a fertile exchange with enterprise and industry. We take inspiration from the practices of the Renaissance: The integration of Art, Culture and Business enhances a company's value, but not only... The combination makes inventors, entrepreneurs and business leaders producers of cultural and historical import.
We blend approaches and methods in tune with the character of the companies we work with. We research a company's heritage, whether this is a cultural heritage or a scientific one. We integrate digital technologies, cultural diplomacy, and all forms of communication, and forge the necessary exchange between a company's unique qualities and wider cultural outcomes. This is the key to transforming an individual, or family business, into a global innovator. The challenge calls for the art and culture of 'making things happen'.
Each company aims to become the exemplar of quality, moving
towards success.
Francesca Bruni
Milano - Italy
T / F (+39) 02 36798128
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Francesca Bruni Culture Consultant the art and culture of enterprise